July 31, 2017

this must be the place.

oh hello blog, my old friend. it's only been 9 months since i've checked in. time.is.just.flying. i'm 34 in a few weeks (not to be confused with 34 weeks), i've had the busiest baking year yet and i have never been this inspired to get new creative projects underway (especially those with @wout010.) that means travelling (i'm off to italy in a few weeks for the first time with my boys), writing a book (think rotterdam, recipes and pretty pictures) and of course more baking. it feels like only yesterday that i was blogging weekly from my little flower street house (circa 2010), baking my raspberry spiked brownies and hosting my tea parties. i'm a strong believer in sharing is caring so i've missed logging in, sharing recipes and sharing the creative love via my blog. even with all its random and ridiculous changes, instagram is still a favourite medium to share my baking and everyday adventures. your ongoing support over on IG still blows me away, so thank you x a million for that. i'm looking forward to getting back on the blogging bandwagon and sharing my upcoming projects with you!

here are a few of my favourite things i've been working on lately, blog style...

baking my best friend's wedding cake and sweets table was an absolute honour. 
(pic courtesy of @lidianvanmegen)

a primrose bakery (recipe inspired) floral number for a fellow aussie. 

a close up of this year's (to date) favourite cake. (photo courtesy of @lidianvanmegen)

a caramel filled peach dream for a cool 8 year old. 

from above. 

rainbow rocky road. this still fills my dreams. 

a donut and caramel covered carrot cake for a favourite.

a star wars creation for my favourite jedi. 

the prettiest of them all. 4 tiers of chocolate sponge filled with salted caramel buttercream. 

i was never a rose girl. until now. 

primrose meets K&N.

i bake slices too. this cherry ripe slice, is one of my ultimate indulgences.

when cookies & cream, brownie and chocolate chip sponges combine. 

a passionfruit curd filled white chocolate mud cake complete with homemade marshmallows. 

the donut wall made for @clarenicolson's wedding. 

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Jo said...

So many pretty, sweet treats. I particularly love the colours and textures in the third photo. Dreamy!