March 13, 2007

the old man is snoring.

Just a quick update on some new work. the pop art series is coming along nicely and will include a few larger canvases too. for now i'll give you a sneak peak at a lennon, monroe and dean and a paperbird collage for good measure. all images can be seen over at my flickr account. cheap and cheerful tuesday everybody.

'big birds don't cry' - 16"x20" - retro fabric, buttons, beads, ribbon and paper.

'james dean' - 10"x14" - acrylic paint, retro fabric and buttons

'lennon' - 5"x7" - ribbon, buttons and fabric.

'triple the fun' - 3 x 5"x7" - acrylic paint, fabric and sequins.


Anonymous said...

just inquiring about 'triple fun' how much it is?

Anonymous said...

can you please get back to me about the price