August 20, 2014

patronen & bloemen.

they make my heart beat faster, my wallet lighter and my home prettier. i'm talking about patterns and flowers. mix them together and you have the perfect recipe for what keeps me endlessly inspired. whether it's a 70's dress, retro wall art or a bunch of beautiful blooms...if it crosses my path, there's a 98% chance it'll be coming home with me. finding what feeds your soul and nurturing it sure does make for a beautiful life. 

August 18, 2014

latest finds.

i'm pretty excited about my latest finds. apart from a little splurge on the aussie map (i'm an expat, it's a given), i've managed to pick up this lot for less that 5 euros a piece over the past few weeks. i'm lucky enough to have a lovely market stall lady who knows me to a T and therefore spoils me each time i visit with euro bargains. in the near future i hope to be sharing some of my wares with you at a local market stall of my own. keep your pocket money and your tastebuds (of course there will be cake too) at the ready. happy hunting. 

picked up at a local swanmarket and saved from a demolished primary school.

a cute little pineapple (not sure what his purpose is?!) and a west germany mug.

another west germany vase for the collection and a beautifully embroidered cushion for a euro.

cushion detail.

more west german finds and a little tv treat for the boy.

this guy has to be one of my favourites.

70's holkham manor pottery.

my first sadler teapot, west german pottery, a floral water jug, vintage floral pillowcase and original 70's lino print.

an awesome 60's newspaper pull out.

i dreamt i found some great drinking glasses and was rewarded. snagged some more west german goodness (for the boy), an aussie souvenir teaspoon, pillowcase and vintage tablecloths.

pastel parrot goodness.

gold sadler delight..

August 17, 2014

cactus, quinoa & crackles.

i can't say the past few weeks have been uneventful with a blog title like this. we've been busy booking our internal aussie flights, adding accessories to the wedding (not ours) outfits (which resulted in the beginning of a beautiful lotta from stockholm love affair), filling every available thrifted teacup with a cactus, eating A LOT of quinoa with market bought veges, staying off the dairy train and enjoying my move to soy, staying as active as possible by riding my bike everyday and feeling all the better for it. i've also been teaching my cat how to sit (the second phase of him becoming more dog), continuing to fill our house with fresh blooms (even finding eucalyptus at my local bloemist!!), spent sundays roadtripping to brielle and biking our neighbourhood photographing the sweetest of houses. the idea of making chocolate crackles randomly became a late night obsession (after a conversation about childhood treats) so my pro-active boy began the hunt for a copha equivalent. it wasn't even 24 hours after that he'd sourced a coconut oil substitute. i whipped them up after dinner (it took me approx 7.5 minutes) and we've been indulging in their spoils (and reliving my childhood) ever since. i hosted a small teaparty (i've so missed hosting them) with a favourite dutchie so that i could share the crackle love. it's fair enough to say that this pre-school treat has safely secured itself a place in the sweet offerings that we will sell from our future food truck venture. just be sure to ask for a cracklin' rosie. 

July 20, 2014

girl gone international.

moving across the world and starting a new life is not foreign to me. i've been lucky enough to spend an equal amount of time (10 years) in both australia and the UK before i was 20. i've spent valuable time with both sides of my family and been immersed in different cultures and histories. i'm thankful for my international experiences earlier on in life and also the international relationship that my parents have shared for 37 years. so when my sister and i both met european men in the summer of 2012, it wasn't a shock for my nearest and dearest as it seemed we were just following suit. after a few months back in our homeland we had both decided to pack up our lives in australia and board flights (a few weeks apart) to begin a new journey across the world. this experience has not only brought us closer but given us the inspiration to follow our hearts and our dreams. when dale, the assistant editor of girl gone international and dear friend of my sister asked us to take part in an interview about living and loving abroad...i was truly humbled. this journey has felt like second nature to me, so it often feels a little too 'notebook' when i do have the chance to share it. but hey, bring on the gosling love story i say!

July 12, 2014

city (love of my) life.

just when i think we've discovered all there is in our city, she just keeps on surprising. it wasn't love at first sight when i arrived 2 years ago on my first trip to holland. fast forward 8 months and she was to be my new home. we've been going steady for at least a year and a half now and even on her off days, i love her. below are a few current favourites that i think you should know about.

check out her uber cool skyline.

this city loves its mint green do i. 

the weekend market in town never disappoints for vintage finds. ever.

over in katendrecht you can find my favourite cafe POSSE and some fabulous warehouse architecture.

the view from the fenix food factory. home of great ciders, cheese and frites. nice view too.

my first trip to the zoo. never been a huge fan of them but this sanctuary supports a lot of cool creatures.

namely, these guys.

kralingen does good vintage...

and waterside views.

aloha bar at the iconic tropicana has sunsoaked views over the river...

and mint memories of its waterpark history.

let's not forget they have fabulous furniture worthy of joining my collection.

dim daily in the city is our favourite place to get a serving of some unbelievable laksa which we lovingly call, heaven in a bowl. the california roll is also the best in town.

one of my favourite stations in holland that now stands proudly as a popular roffa icon. she always looks stunning against a bright blue sky.

the pastel tones of the centraal station bike storage are like riding through a candy coloured dream.

the kralingse plas not only soaks you in nature but is only a 15 minute bike ride from the centre. i'm lucky enough to have this in my backyard.