January 23, 2016

dream job.

In 2013 I met my dream guy (you know the story) and in 2014 I moved to Holland to be with my dream guy. In the final few months of 2015 I landed my dream job! It came as a complete surprise as the idea of trying to land an English speaking job, in my creative field, in Holland, whilst working 5 days a week in an office was never a hopeful one so you can imagine the excitement when Holland's best wedding cake studio (2 years running) offered me a job as a cake artist (two of my favourite words!) I am beyond excited about working with an incredibly talented team and learning everything they can share with me. I look forward to sharing my baking adventures with you but for now, why not head over to @sugarlipscakes on instagram and drool over the incredible creations that will make you want to skip breakfast, lunch and dinner. Below are a few projects I've been working on together with the team at SL for the past few weeks. Thank you to my loyal IG & blog followers for your ongoing support and here's to a delicious 2016. x

all of these beautiful photos belong to and were taken by Sugarlips Cakes. pretty please do not use them without permission. thanks!


Katie Mitchell Photography said...

Love love love! So proud of you xo

Jo said...

Wow, congratulations! Cake Artist sounds like the best job ever!