September 13, 2015

what a load of betty crock(er)...

I've been cheating on you guys with my oven. I've been so busy whipping up some new recipes and revisiting a bunch of favourite ones that I totally neglected/was too busy eating it all to share them with you. I recently went through a bit of a brownie bake off sesh experimenting with some fun ingredients that include bacon, Baileys, Ferrero Rocher and cookie dough to name a few. Buttered popcorn cookies, the best chocolate cupcakes ever and nutella sandwiched oreos also feature below. I made myself some indulgent birthday scrolls, whipped up a cat cake covered in salted caramel buttercream & filled with smarties for a favourite feline loving friend and played around with a traditional rocky road recipe by adding one of the nation's favourite baked goods, the stroopwafel. Next weekend i'm baking up some cookies inspired by one of my favourite fabric designers...could you possibly (think giant poppies) guess who?

note for the blog title: i don't have a problem with betty crocker cake mixes (i used them every day in 2006) so won't judge those who do - unless you're donna hay.

turtle krispie slice. think rice krispies caught in a marshmallow bath topped with more than the recommended amount of chocolate chip, pecan and caramel conditioner. god bless america. 
baileys cheesecake brownie. why didn't i make this sooner? (oh that's right, i drank all the baileys).

oreo & nutella brownie bites. after the recipe asked me to sandwich two oreos together with nutella i knew it was time to join the gym.
nectarine & blueberry buckwheat cake. i thought i should throw in SOME fruit amongst all this chocolate?!

strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberry buttercream.  possibly the sweetest cupcakes i have ever made and by sweet i mean teeth falling out never going to trust martha stewart's sugar content in recipes again kinda sweet. 

zeeland cherry spiked blondie. what does one do with a box of zeeland's finest cherries? (see above for answer)

guinness chocolate cupcakes with homemade salted caramel popcorn. baked for a cute colleague and guaranteed to sweeten any working day!

gluten free banana bread. the best, fact. if eaten for breakfast, don't expect to feel hungry until about 6pm. 

pineapple & raspberry frangipane slice. i had two pineapples leftover from a photoshoot so decided to bake this. best decision i made all month. 

pizza birthday cake. i made this for my boyfriend's 35th birthday. i know, i'm a keeper. 

abbey rocky road. it was one of those weeks when all i was listening to were the beatles and everything i made was inspired by their lyrics. cute huh?

ferrero rocher brownie. no explanation needed. 

cookie dough brownie. are you sensing a decadent theme here?

the best ever chocolate cupcakes. like i wasn't going to test that theory. tried and tested and completely true. 

bacon brownies. because, why not?!

buttered popcorn cookies. fun and a total party pleaser, even if you are 35. 

dirty chocolate & espresso cinnamon scrolls. a firm favourite and if my metabolism could cope, a daily breakfast choice. 

stroopwafel, white chocolate, speculaas spread, hazelnut and marshmallow rocky road. i'm not sure what ISN'T in this thing. 

cake batter cinnamon scrolls. because everyday can be your birthday!!

fully dressed cake batter cinnamon scrolls. served warm and covered in sprinkles....i know. 

nutella & sea salt fudge. seriously, just because. 

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Jo said...

You have been baking up a storm! All of these bakes look and sound glorious. Easily my favourite blog post I've read this evening! (I know it's after midnight when I'm posting this comment, but I'm still including it as evening!)