April 5, 2007

this world you're in now....

chocolate treats have reminded me to post some treats of my own.

these little babies are currently resting in my tidy studio (see above) and i'm in two minds about starting a market stall after visiting byron and deciding they need some more art stalls. retro fabric abounds there so i'm thinking my work may nestle in there nicely. we'll see.

here they are. enjoy. prices on request ladies and gentlemen.

'deary me' - 8"x8" (i'll find any excuse to play with words)

'she's ready to go' - 5"x5"

'aubergine queen' - 6"x6"

'they call her mellow' - 5"x5"

'go green' - 8"x8"

'care to share?' 5"x5" - it's wintery, it's snug..go share a blanket.

i'm off to a best friends housewarming tomorrow night in the cutest house in brisbane. i better get a wriggle on and wrap the treats i have to decorate her new 'objet d'art'.
happy easter.

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