May 13, 2007

POP photos.

here they are. the photos that best describe my latest exhibition. my biggest marilyn acquired a new home. happy times for her new owners. it was a good night enveloped in support, love, sweetness and bold colours on canvas. i appreciate the people (more than words) who came and supported me. the mojito's brought mintiness..the chocolate shots a sour face and friends and family made laura very happy indeed. more popsical work on the way. expect more from marilyn...a smirk from mona, a sultry monochromatic lennon and a jailhouse-rocking king. wait till you get a load of the giant gumball collage...i'm already chewing on the canvas in anticipation. have a great week everyone. stay tuned for a pop hit later in the week.

spreading the joy.

the awesome foursome.

'spray on sparkle' - 30"x36"

me and my ladies.

'red/grey marilyn' - 8"x24"

oh marilyn.

the family.

'marilyn liked her yellow sundress best' - 20"x40" (SOLD)


Liana said...

cool looking show - congrats!

missmeshell said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Oh I just love Spray on Sparkle, and the Marilyn's of course, fabulous work! =) And you've made me want chicken soup with your comment, ha! xx