May 8, 2007


exhibition update is here...

the following works will be part of the new SWELL gallery exhibition opening this friday night. the works range in size from a little 5"x7" to a 30"x36" canvas. i'm working on a few others that are for the stockpile which include a sexy 16"x20" monochromatic lennon and fabric collages that will make your eyes pop. i'm loving that word right now...i'm so into that era of art that i'm dreaming of giant spray cans and marilyn's cheeky smile. photos from the exhibition will be posted over the weekend. thankyou for all of your is always appreciated. enjoy.

featured works montage.

retro fabric detail from the spray can.

ps. i'll post larger photos over the weekend...i don't want to spoil the surprise of seeing them firsthand. for those who can't make it friday night...check back in over the weekend for updated pics. have a great week.

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