June 14, 2007

purple haze.

it's been that kinda week. bit of a creative haze at the moment. my head that is. full of treats and pretty ideas......just having a bit of a problem exiting in an orderly queue. it gets to a point where i acknowledge just how much 'stuff' i really have. its a scary thought...and trust me...i scared myself good and proper. even if i did acknowledge this fact as i was driving home from another opshop. it's like cheap therapy, trawling through disguarded posessions. junk for the soul. jimmy is nearly complete...i've stalled to evaluate his status and haven't been back since. he'll be done by monday for sure. pics up next week. i won some of the best 70's wallpaper on ebay last week, i really couldn't believe i got it. its delicious and i already have an artwork planned with it. details soon. i'm loving craft at the moment....can't crochet or knit to save my life but the 70's embroidery books are teasing me badly. I look forward to putting aside a second or two to play. i've been making lists for projects and pieces for an exhibition...i'm getting a bit art happy and thinking up the craziest ideas. i'll jot them down on here sometime and you can have a giggle. i'm designing a line of paperbird stationary and even having my own stamp made. so excited. time to fill some storage boxes. top of my to do list. oh lists. love.

ps. i found this image of a little knitted apple jacket by Jacqueline Dufresne and it's been inspiring me all week. oh the great minds out there.

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