March 18, 2008

we holiday in the spaces of our home...

in soup and conversations

in washing-up bubbles

and zucchini

in doorsteps rotting

and beds unmade

and cups of tea




if day's off work are all about unmade beds and chocolate crackles. laura says yes.

(words by kylie johnson - 'count me the stars'....beautiful.)


Anonymous said...

Those words were amazing... love it, bebe. *sigh*

I'm doing stocktake at Chermy tomorrow.

Also, I had an *AWESOME* night tonight, and I'm sure you can guess why........ :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Also... link me, biatch! lol

Say said...

crackles are yum.

books are very pretty too.

work is slow and i am slower. maybe work is slow because i am slowly.

slowly does the world turn.

i need more sleep.

i love you