April 3, 2008

where for art thou.....art?

just taken a little time out from making le art...to gather my ideas..refresh this art tart's mind and most importantly...do 'a bit' of opshopping. it's a pity working full time, it leaves me with little spontaneous wandering time..which i used to love so dearly.
so, to conquer this drought...on monday, i hit 9 opshops on the gold coast in just under 4 hours. no lunch and a toilet stop later...i had a back seat full of treasure that i made sure was really mine by turning to admire whenever i stopped at a red light. i forgot how exciting it is to find 'stuff'. with my loot, i'm fired up and ready to go again.

i'm back in the game.

art soon...be there.

1 comment:

Liana said...

Great quote. Editing sure is the key.

Glad to hear it is all coming together for you. A little time out is super important!