November 9, 2009

deer me, is it christmas already?

With a boyfriend out of town, a hunger for rock cakes, a thirst for mugs of tea, and a crazy obsession with cross-stitching...i deemed it necessary to start thinking about christmas. This is my excuse for a rather indulgent post anyway. I started making rock cakes in year 7 food technology class which usually involved us forgetting to add the sugar or emptying a whole bag of flour in after adding too much milk. The only thing i've changed is removing the fruit and adding chocolate, lots of it. So really it's like a giant choc chip cookie but you're less likely to be judged by it's sugar content if you call it a rock cake.

You know it's just another excuse to show off my latest find from the woolie antiques centre. I'm a fiend for staffordshire potteries.

I've also been 'real living' it up for christmas ideas, especially gift wrapping. I'm going to trial some christmas tree shaped cranberry, white chocolate & almond shortbread soon too.

I've been working on a billion artworks, and the cross-stitching is on a roll. Here's a sneak peek of a new work coming soon...

and a sweet old deer...

keep an eye out a for a dear old spice rack collection in the making.