November 1, 2009

defining bedroom windows...

the vines, they grow

through the glass

they encase my dreams

and store the words i haven't found yet in their veins...

The sunlight coming through my bedroom window at #48 of an afternoon is something i'll really miss when i move out in january. I only get to see this light on a weekend as i don't get home till sun down during the week. It blows me away everytime and i'm so glad i get to enjoy it as much as i do. It's not the biggest bedroom in the house or the tidiest (see below), but this outlook makes it all worth having.

Is it time to move my studio out of the corner of my bedroom you ask? Indeed it is, my lovely collectables are suffering, all piled up and most of them hidden. Goodness knows the true amount of deliciousness that hides away. Guess we'll see in the new year when i pack it all up. Until then, i'll ferret and i'll play and i couldn't be happier.

Beautiful words are by Kylie Johnson, inspiring as always. x


Anonymous said...

Even your mess is as beautiful as your creations. I need to learn how to make my "before" look as artful as the "after".

laura mitchell. said...

you're cute. it looks much tidier now, i'm moving in january so i'm MAKING myself get organised. The underneath of the table is still as crazy! You know i still wanna look at those fabrics you have though, haha. x