March 28, 2010

dreamy sunday.

it's been one of those lazy sundays. which doesn't happen that often as i bake every week for a cute little cafe. but i kinda pushed it back today and spent the morning and early afternoon being dreamy. this photo from forty-sixth at grace sums up my day and makes me think of my mum, who has just moved with my dad to san francisco. she's a professional cloud watcher. i find myself dreaming away the days planning my trip over there to see them. also kinda makes me want to make marshmallows shaped like teapots to pop in my hot chocolate in winter. will be back soon with rummage pics, so very excited about it all. i did manage to make some rather cute red velvets with bird eggs on top..have a peek over at kit and nancy in a wee while. happy easter week.


Paper Tree Design said...

Hi Laura, A career as a professional cloud watcher sounds wonderful! Planning to pop along to the Suitcase Rummage on the 11th, what a fantastic initiative ..... I probably could fill more than a suitcase myself. Look forward to reading your next blog. Have added you to my favourites on my site which I have just started. Michelle.

laura mitchell. said...

forgot to add..will be lovely to meet you on the 11th, checked out your blog, very cool. following you now too. :)