March 13, 2010

if the shoe fits...

ok, so this has nothing to do with a shoe purchase (although i did pick up some mighty cute mary janes from the salvos for $5 just the other day, and will be wearing them tonight)...but just some of the delicious treats i picked up at the woolloongabba antiques centre this afternoon.

the big vintage suitcase i'll need to take part in an event happening in the city early april, details coming soon.

a stamp (from the art store) for my cake boxes.

a gorgeous platter for my bedside table.

a large italian style frame, these babies are like gold to me.

vintage scarf that includes the blue and brown tones i'll be wearing tonight.

a large shelley plate. i love the shape of the corners and the greens...a cross stitch piece will adorn this.

3 or so metres of this gorgeous fabric. i love the pattern and the texture of fabrics like this. will be featuring on new works soon.

happy weekend.


✦ERIN said...


laura mitchell. said...

i guess it's like smoking or drinking, but minus the 'it's slowing killing me' part.

Lulu said...

oh what a lovely scarf!!

Tracey said...

i love the fabric, too, it is gorgeous, great find