March 7, 2010

true loves.

i love to bake, and i love to make art...but i truly truly love opshopping. antiquing is wonderful but blows my budget in minutes...opshopping can take time and your patience is always rewarded. yesterday i was rewarded and then some. i went for a ferret around the southern end of the goldy's opshops yesterday and found so many delicious treats. i picked up some vintage pillowcases, cake plates, a retro tablecloth, vintage paintings, apron and a needlepoint cushion for $3! (I bought my last one at paddo antiques for $35). the ladies at the rspca where i bought the two paintings were adorable. i hope i'm that cute when i'm older. couldn't wait to get them on the wall...

in the lounge.

in the studio.

1 comment:

Trudy said...

they are such gorgeous paintings Lau. We need to have an op shop day.
I want to see them for reals soon!