July 25, 2010

floral love.

it's come to my attention after some afternoon studio cleaning...that i'm a fiend for florals. floral fabrics in particular. i have a bazillion. here are some treats from my collection. it's also kinda appropriate because i live on flower street. cute huh.



teatowel. (these 3 will be framed one day)

i dragged a pair of these curtains home from london.

cafe curtains.




upholstery fabric.




fabric from my aunty in london.

seersucker tablecloth.

fabric from my aunty in london.

my favourite sheridan print.

double and fitted sheets and pillowcases.

curtains in the studio.

huge fabric piece. (used in several of my artworks)


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh what a lovely walk amongst the flowers; this is an unexpected museum walk!!! thank you... :)

green tea and red nails said...

gorgeous! i think i would just want to pin them up on my walls so i could admire them all day!

Jennie said...

Loooove every single one.
very jealous here!!

Anonymous said...

They may all be florals, but the attraction for me is that fabulous color!

sylviesgarden said...

Ok, now i'm really getting jealous!
Not only do you find the most amazing fabrics (i love the pink and purple flowers) but you also live on Flower Street! Not fair. I want to live on Flower Street.

baysiderose said...

Hi Laura, Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. These fabrics are just so gorgeous! Stunning in fact and thanks for sharing them.
Cheers, Pam

moose and bird said...

How grand are vintage florals!!! I could admire these all day long. Looking forward to seeing you at Twilight. Yes, it's this Friday the 30th. Have a happy day. xo

Trudy said...

These are so amazing. You have the best eye for collecting!

Louise said...

HI Laura....I luuurve all these too...I am busy looking for vintage fabrics over here but have not had any luck...but when I do I will let you know...

Lucy said...

I'm so pleased I've found someone as op-shop crazy as me! I'm lovin' all your floral fabrics especially the green one at the bottom. Super-duper cute!

Rachel said...

LOVE all of them , but the ones you dragged home from London, those gorgeous curtains are divine!!