July 31, 2010

saturday wanderings.

popped over to stevo's jumble sale this morning and picked myself up some treats. drove around to another church oppy soon after and found some delights there too. perfect start to what will be a busy day of baking cupcake orders and battling this stupid summer weather that is apparently already upon us. the sky is grey so i'm hoping we'll get some rain. then that may justify the mugs of tea i'm craving. come back winter...

delightful pyrex. love this design.

a little westminster platter..matches my other one!

embroidered coaster holder complete with coasters!

napkins, a floral pillowcase and some pink hued embroidery cottons.

small mixing bowls. not pyrex but equally as delicious. perfect colouring too.

a knitted jumper with embroidered roses and 2 floral long sleeved blouses (cute with jeans and flats in san fran) for $3. love.

could not leave this behind. although it's been so warm today i grabbed this blanket of delight because the colours are amazing. it's a double too and in perfect condition.

have a lovely weekend.


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

the pyrex farmer's family print sure is lovely!

Allana said...

Gorgeous finds! Love the colours of the dishes :)

baysiderose said...

I love looking at all of your finds. You find the most amazing treasures - and in gorgeous colours as well!
BTW I am having a giveaay on my blog if you are interested.

moose and bird said...

Treasures galore.....I don't think I can pick a favourite they are all so scrummy. Have a happy day. x

sylviesgarden said...

I love the pyrex, such a great print. The colours on the blanket are yummy, its lovely.

Thea said...

Great finds! I actually have a set of 3 pyrex bowls that are the same design/colour as your first one. I won't let my family use them as I don't them broken.

Becca said...

Wait a second...that first-picture Pyrex bowl is exactly the bowl my grandmother uses to serve potato salad!
It's super cute, though!