July 3, 2010


just a couple of cute finds to add to my suitcases. The pretty flowers are from chandler markets and they've opened up so beautifully since this photo was taken. flowers are now on the top of my weekly market list. even though i live alone, i just love coming home to pretty fabrics and flowers. i'm off to bake for the afternoon and to finish packing my suitcases for tomorrow's rummage. pop by if you can. king george sq, 12-5pm. would love to see you there. have a great weekend. x


sylviesgarden said...

I wish I lived nearer, i'd pop by to see your goodies.
Take care x

Paper Tree Design said...

Love the saucers Laura. Have a great Rummage - don't think I'll make it this time. See you at the next one. Michelle