September 19, 2010

big apple & more thrifty behaviour.

new york was perfection. mum & i spent all of our time walking, eating, sightseeing, thrifting and photographing. found a gem of a thrift store in greenwich village and had a ball wandering the streets taking photos in the sunshine. there was a salvos two streets away from our hotel, i snagged a few skirts there for my sister and i, photos soon! i'm back in sf now and spending my last week doing a little more thrifting and relaxing. the goodwill in san rafael was the best yet, a few of my finds can't be posted here due to the fact that they're presents for my darling readers. hope you're all having a ball, thrifting and baking and doing your thing. look forward to seeing what you've been up to this week. much love from sf. x

my vintage coral heels from the gem of a thrift store in greenwich village. they weren't too cheap but i love them so much.
went back to thrift town in sf, found these curtains!

more milk glass vases for my growing collection..the most expensive was 99 cents!!

a few new finds from the moma store in nyc. can't wait to play.

embroidered pillowcase & mushroom mug (only 50 cents!)

lavender ceramic necklace (it's a beast) from the village thrift store in nyc. who knew i loved purple so much?

now some souvenier shots...mum & i in times sq.
on the corner of bedford and grove. this show was my world for the majority of my teenage life.
picasso at ny moma. love.

she's marvellous. i want to dedicate a series of paintings to her, that liberty green colour is perfect.

view of the city from liberty island.

the most famous brownstone of all.

i could walk the streets of the village all day, everyday.

magnolia bakery. the cupcakes here were phenomenal.

their sweeeeeeet window display.

the gem of a thrift store, greenwich village.

this is what greets you when you walk in.

check out that wall, and the lamps, and the vases, and the plates....
new york, i love you.


sylviesgarden said...

Amazing curtains! Love them.
So many great pics too. I'm jealous but I hope you have fun.

Flotsam Friends said...

What a great post and it's brought memories of my time living in NYC flooding back. We lived in a brownstone (like the one you photographed) on W12th Street (between 5th and 6th Ave). Look at all the beautiful things you've found. Enjoy every minute. The smell and the sounds of NYC. I too love New York. Pruxxx

Jennie said...

What amazing thrift stores they have!!!!! I love the curtain you picked up best - and that Liberty green is perfect!

moose and bird said...

I'm so glad you're having a great time.....I bet your Mum is enjoying it too. Your finds are amazing.....can't wait to see more. x

baysiderose said...

The curtain is just so gorgeous. Looks like you are having a really very special time over there. Lucky girl!

Trudy said...

those shoes are gorgeous, can't wait to see you in them and your new jeans! xx

Thea said...

It all looks fabulous. So lovely that you are spending the time with your mum too. x

moose and bird said...

Hi Laura,
Thank-you for the lovely comment you left on my blog re: the giveaway. It made my day. Look forward to catching up and actually meeting in person one day. x

Kazza said...

What a great place for a holiday with your mum. One of my all time dreams is to go to NYC and explore everything in it.

Emily said...

What a wonderful visit you had and look at all the goodies you have. Love those shoes they are killer.