September 8, 2010

thrift town.

loving san francisco life...

first stop...for obvious reasons.

my $7.49 birthday dress that i'll wear to afternoon tea on thursday.

the original and the very best...'something's hiding in here' wooden moustache!!!

stopped for some street art.

picked up a few of these.

i wanted to climb inside. obviously i had to behave with the baggage weight limit and all.

so cute and colourful.

view over thrift town..pure deliciousness awaits.

my very first piece of milk glass. vase made in america and sooo beautiful.

note the fabric face.

i did buy these..made in america and vintage floral heaven. 2 dinner plates, 2 cake plates and 2 bowls..worth the bubblewrap buying i think!


baysiderose said...

OMG, Looks like you are in thrift heaven. Lucky you. I am sooooo jealous. Have lots of fun and keep shopping.

Rachel said...

Can I move to Thrift Town: it looks awesome!!

sylviesgarden said...

I am insanely jealous!
Have fun.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I've recently returned from California and I've been to the same thrift stores in San Fran as you!! Unfortunately, I didn't buy a thing! You lucky devil, love the crockery.

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh far out... I bet your heart was jumping out of your chest... I love that feeling when you step into a shop that you know you're going to go crazy in... Then all you need is time and patience. Wow, I adore that fabric and the milk glass? I don't know about this but its' divine... Enjoy every moment. Pruxxx