October 11, 2010

monday treats.

who needs coles coat hangers when you can have theeeessse!
brown japanese teapot and floral plates.

tapestry heart box and floral frame.

a bunny and cockeral vase..of course.

gorgeous embroidered doilies.

blue rose sheet.

milk glass plate, teacosy and aqua green toned crocheted blanket.

pretty skirt and dress for summer.

this little baby was 50c..who knows what it is or what the photos will look like but i couldn't resist!

a lovely relaxed monday of opping with my bestie before a busy week at work. every week should start this way (minus allllll the rain).


baysiderose said...

Great finds Laura. Love your new blog header too!


zigsma said...

I like your Japanese stoneware - very niiice.

Trudy said...

love the sheet and clothes! Wynnum would have been fun today. Hope Flower St didn't flood again . . . half our team weren't at work because they couldn't get in!

morgan said...

Dibs on that wee plate! work was awful today, you're so lucky it was your day off. it was just generally soggy really :( see you tomorrow!!

moose and bird said...

I agree....Monday should be declared 'National Op-Shopping Day'....the perfect way to start the week. x

Flotsam Friends said...

I too love your new blog header... Hi Laura. Have you settled back into life?? You had an amazing trip. I'm loving those coat hangers and the vase... Great finds = great week! Pxxx