January 31, 2011


hello monday. haven't you been delightful with all of your sunshine? i started out a bit lazy (i swear i'm still aching from boxing class last week!) but i got some washing and grocery shopping done and have been pottering in the studio. even managed to stop by my local lifeline, which is hardly my fault seeing that it's across the road from coles. their stock and prices are sporadic and often lifeless, sorry lifeline. so i'm always impressed when i find a treat, like this for example! so below you'll see a few treats i picked up today.

i also spent an afternoon with my youngest friend on saturday, the daughter of my beautiful friend nadia, who has just recently given birth to noah, who was appropriately named seeing he was born in the middle of all the drama here in brisbane. he's tiny, he's perfect and my sister katie took some baby shots of him for her portfolio. they'll be up soon on her blog so please pop by. this meant girl time for me and sofia, who is 19 months going on 19. she's pure brilliance, i forget how inspiring little people can be. as you can see from my previous post, i also had a beautiful sunday with my closest friends down on the coast. those kind of days make my whole week.

i am a lucky duck and also have tomorrow off, which won't last long as the gallery is set to reopen on the weekend. gotta make the most of these mid-week adventures. i'm off for a bike ride...have a lovely evening! x

sofie, my new best friend.

johnson love.

bird tapestry, perfect.


Bayside Rose said...

Gorgeous finds there. Extra lovely shot of Sophie.

Have a fab week.
Pam x

Little Shop of Handmade said...

I have 3 of those exact cups