January 9, 2011

sunday & the week gone by.

good afternoon from the house of gingerbread!

i decided due to the lack of $$ and a serious need to use my ikea cutters that a woodland baking day was in order. had a wonderful sleep-in, a great skype chat with m&d in san fran, and then some kitchen pottering. as i no longer bake for the cafe (i decided my weekend sanity and the starting of a new creative endeavour was more important), the idea of baking for pleasure was too hard to resist. this week has been a quiet one, no oshopping has been done since before christmas (the withdrawal symptoms are disgusting, i tell you) and with all the craziness that's been going on at goma with the new exhibition, i haven't had the energy to undertake too much. let's also be honest, this rain is the biggest mood killer. but anyway...it's a new week, there's been some stamping and baking going on at casa de flower, and pay day is tuesday. haha. i hope to get down to the goldy oppies very soon for a nostalgic wander. with the new budget in place i am going to behave myself, but it's really just about the wandering and the chance of falling upon something exceptionally wonderful. i've already been around your blogs checking out your finds for the week, very inspiring! (have you been over to cakies recently? go, now...cuteness overload!) i'm off to listen to more neil young and get the new set of cross-stitches underway. have a great week!

a bit of sunday stamping.

the tupperware is out, this means only one thing!

i baked gingerbread cookies!

due to the lack of opshopping i did come across this cute pair of pillowcases on ebay. for $3, they're too cute to resist, right?

a beautiful mid week sunset, unedited. mother nature can be so beautiful.

my creative space. embroidery cottons are a weakness of mine.


Kylie C said...

Oooooh yummo! Those cookies are adorable AND tasty-looking. :)

Trudy said...

gorgeous post Lau. xx

Miss Snow said...

Love your blog! I'm sooo jealous of those pillowcases :)

morgan said...

those cookies are making their way to work..right? :) xx

PJ said...

pillowcases = awesome

Nick said...

I am in the same boat as you...new budget and op-shop withdrawals. I have no will power and will be driving into town soon....
I love your wall papers and lovely little vases. Can I link them on my blog?
Cheers Nick

Catherine said...

I love those cookie cutters too - and now have a daughter who insists the best thing about London is squirrels (after a bit of squirrel cookie inspired reminiscence). Those pillow cases are definitely a "yes"!