January 25, 2011

thrifty tuesday.

this working 3 out of my 5 days at the gallery business is not doing anything for my budget, but oh my is it ticking all of the oppy goodness boxes! the gallery is still closed to the public, at least for another week and a bit. it's a bit of a waiting game but the directorate have handled the situation superbly. they even told us to take tomorrow off, which means picnicing with the gang can happen and cherry ripe (a twist on the raspberry spiked) brownie baking can commence! yum! i also popped out today for a spot of opping in paddo, some picnic food shopping and the buying of some pink boxing gloves for my new exercise regime! woop. who knew i would be so excited? the guy at the sports shop laughed at me when i asked if the pink were too girly. haha, they are and i love them. here are some treats i found...hope your tuesday has been as lovely.

gorgeous large rectangular tablecloth, few spills, much loved.

oh dear. i let out a squeal when i unearthed this beauty. straight from the packet and the 70's, and only $6. it's also the biggest tablecloth i have ever found, it's gigantic and utterly fabulous.

i do love my staffordshire potteries, and for 25cents each, yes please!

bought a pretty floral summer dress, fits perfectly. love.

alfred meakin dinner plates for $1.95 each...hello! these beauties will be available at rummage. (for a little bit more than $2, but all funds are going to the RSPCA!)

what is it with me and 70's forest paintings? this is a print but i love it. i couldn't leave it there, it's just so romantic!

romantic tones, yes?

oh, and here are the gloves (not thrifted)..aren't they pretty!? a girl's gotta be inspired to exercise right?


Rachel said...

Sweet finds! and what an awesome tablecloth: I too would have squealed!
Reading your post I was reminded of when I was a student at uni and had 3 days off due to a staff strike so I went up and down the wollongong coast opshopping and scored lots of finds!

mel @ loved said...

gorgeous finds, love those dinner plates!...Oh & the gloves!!

green tea and red nails said...

boxing sounds awesome!!

the fabric and sheets i have at rummage are assorted prices. from about $3-$6. if you let me know which ones you were interested in i can give you an exact price and keep them aside for you!!

see you next weekend :)

kel x

stacey said...

WOW! you got a lot of great treasures! your tablecloths are beautiful!!!

Lucent Imagery said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your boxing gloves! You can deceive with the girly colour and then pack a punch behind it! You're making me want some. Where did you buy them?

Flotsam Friends said...

I do boxing training too. Love it!! And so not a sporty spice person. Px