January 20, 2011

time out.

some days are just better than others, aren't they? well today was one of those days..the better day. after a few shifts at goma, helping to clean it up and get it back on it's feet, i've come home feeling a tad low and exhausted. i've been getting caught up on the fact that i was so very lucky to escape any flood damage and guilt has been sneaking it's ugly head into my dreams and my day to day thinking. i told myself i should take a little time out just to do what i love most and leave the guilt behind. today, was beautiful and exactly what i needed. i visited some of my most favourite places on the gold coast. i sang out loud to janet jackson in the car, bought banana bread from a favourite bakery in mudgeeraba (it was my family's favourite when we lived on the coast), visited my old oppy haunts (had quite a bit of luck too) and stopped off for the best sushi of all time at ace wasabi (my best friend and my favourite). i also spent the trip back designing new cross-stitch pieces in my head, perfect. i hope this finds you all well, especially my lovelies in brisbane. take care please and i hope you all have a wonderfully inspiring friday and weekend. xx

found this darling boy at chandler on the weekend. he's now part of my collection with this other fella.

staffordshire, fire king & japanese goodness.

who could resist this gorgeous piece of canadian kitschyness!

beautiful tablecloths and floral pillowcase. peach and aqua get me everytime.

frame, hem (the packaging is my favourite part!) and teacosy.

as a perth girl, a baker and the rotto trip being an old family tradition, i had to get this.

being a san francisco lover and with parents currently residing there, i had to get these napkins. (sealed package straight from the 70's!)

how talented are people. dog & doiley lover right here.

a lovely rose painting to add to my collection.

and painted by ruby, perfect.


Bayside Rose said...

Glad you got your fix today. Really important isn't it and I am sure there are a lot of us helping out there feeling a similar way.

Good on you for taking care of your own needs.

Love all of your finds especially that gorgeous rose painting of course! Pam x

Rebecca said...

I can't believe how many amazing things you find Laura!! Peach and aqua get me every time too :) x

Alison said...

What a lot of loot. Just love those little boy prints.

sylviesgarden said...

So many great finds!

Bayside Rose said...

Gave you a shout out on my blog today. Pam x