May 24, 2011

life lately.

hello tuesday. it's been a lovely 3 day weekend dabbling in some opshopping, baby snuggling, road tripping and chai drinking amidst girly chats and ikea furniture-putting-together. i delivered and setup wedding brownie on saturday to the most beautiful bride and groom which was followed by some roadtripping down south on sunday and some ikea behaviour. i don't go there often, which was obvious when i decided to ignore the directive arrows. people noticed, it made me giggle. have been attempting to get my studio in order as i want to get my artmaking on for the exhibition, so decluttering and sorting has been flower street's hot topic. i've been spending some time with my beautiful friends and their gorgeous little ones. i'm definately not ready to have any of my own, buy my oh my...i'm in love. from playing with glitter pens and running races with a cheeky 2 year old to having a handsome 4 month old snuggle into me whilst chatting with his gorgeous mama about boys and just blissful. back to reality today and the fact my ikea tables are still in pieces. but the teacosies are up!...all is well. i hope you've had a wonderful start to the week. i'm terribly in awe of my beautiful girlfriends right now...from soy chai's over boy talk to planning a life overseas. much love to my inspiring ladies.

floral tablecloths were the flavour of the day on saturday.

more floral love and a cheeky pink lady. (check the shoes please)

cute cookie tin (perfect for clouds) and wooden leaf bowls..awaiting a coat of paint.

brownie with bunting and pretty clouds. (for mama)

one of the many flannelette pillowcases i unearthed at stevo's saturday morning!

a hawaii mug (on it's way to a special lady) and some plastic white & gold coasters.

been playing with lounge room displays.

a tea 'cosy' corner of my studio and another flannelette gem.

his and hers pillowcases. a little stained but oh so cute.


Trudy said...

LOVE the pillowcases, the floral tablecloths and the corner of your studio. Can't wait to see it. looks gorgeous! xxx

Hannah said...

Your picture arrangements on your walls are fabulous! And I love the little corner of your studio. I saw a large painting with flowers sort of similar to the ones in the painting in your studio at my local Salvos this afternoon. It was much larger though!

Kylie said...

Hi there Laura, I'm loving EVERYTHING in your post today!
Pretty tablecloths, pretty pillowcases, pretty tea cosies and pretty little glimpses of your home...your lounge room wall looks lovely and so do those wedding brownies x

Anonymous said...

I want that wall in my house! <3

PJ said...

love those pillowcases!

BOB & MABEL said...

Loving all your finds, just beautiful.

Olive and Esther said...

Tea cosy corner is very cute Laura!!

JoJo said...

i love those tablecloths :)

nice blog - full of nice ideas and inspiration!


Max said...

Ooh nice cookie tin you got there. Lovely blog x

Bungalowgirl said...

Love the colours and florals in those tablecloths, but tea cosy corner is just perfect. Love how the green in the painting bounces off the gorgeous rich green of the chair. I'd collapse there with a cup of tea anyday. Melx

green tea and red nails said...

oh my goodness! i love this... all of it :) what pretty pictures!!

kel x

Flotsam Friends said...

I always love everything you find (and your vibrant shots) but my eye keeps going back to the white and gold plastic coasters. Adore them, they are just so sweet. Your wall display looks perfecto!! I'm sure the brownies were a hit too, how could they not be when they look that good!! Happy, happy weekend. My little sister is visiting from Brisbane for the weekend. Can't wait. Pruxxx