May 1, 2011

sunday breakfast.

hello lovelies! welcome to a new regular post that will document a new brisbane brekkie spot on a sunday morning. my sister kate and i will ride to a new cafe to sample what brisbane has to offer the early morning sunday crowd. this morning it was my second visit to stones corner's lady marmalade cafe. again, i was not disappointed. even got looked after by the owner and my kitchen rules contender Mal, himself. kate and i both indulged in the haloumi, tomato, spinach, roast pumpkin and pesto on sour bread, my favourite. they also offer the old school savoury mince on toast (hello nanna), banana bread with muesli and yoghurt, ploughman's lunch and mushrooms on brioche. yum! a very simple and dollar friendly menu but a delicious one. can i believe i'm saying that simple wins sometimes? these guys are onto a winner. they're on logan road, just after the o'keefe roundabout in stones corner (approximately a 2 minute bike ride from my house!) after 2 rounds of soy lattes/chai lattes, kate and i decided to take a ride towards southbank. we swung down onto the river and along kangaroo point, which i can tell you, on a day like today, was just perfect. i do love my city and this is what i should be doing more of. this is perfect riding weather, hardly any sweating and just cruising in this glorious sunshine! a few photos below captured some of this lovely sunday behaviour. i might also add that the day was topped off with a two hour nanna nap, just keeping up with my 27yr old nanna status. however no baked goods were consumed, i'm saving that for next weekend. i'm so excited as i have organised a date with myself on saturday. want to hear what i have planned? (have a choice?...wish you did, but you know it's coming.) i'm off to the coast (my old haunt) to take on 8 oppies, lunch at my favourite sushi joint, try out a coffee and cake at the infamous vintage espresso (featured in spaces and my old love, frankie), some cookie cutter buying at my favourite cupcake suppliers, and perhaps a walk on the beach to top it all off. this is all after an early morning boxing class too. my plans for sunday? sleep! this date is definately going to get me through the week, which starts at work tomorrow, hello public holiday pay (which my bank account is going to need after this oppy jaunt!) i do love a good cruise down to the coast. i'm off for a bite to eat and a look at what you've all been up to. thank you for your sweet comments, i am always enchanted by your loveliness. x

kit, ready to set off.

breakfast of the day. deeeelicious.

retro cuteness everywhere. my kinda joint.

our rides.

beautiful brisbane.

kate, working the pink lady look.

never seen the story bridge from this angle before. love this part of town.


moose and bird said... sounds like you had a perfect Sunday. Hope your week is just as lovely x

Bungalowgirl said...

Kit looks like a gorgeous bike - is she vintage or a new replica? love the white tyres too. The weather was glorious today and riding would have been gorgeous. Your Saturday adventure sounds wonderful, never done an Op Shop at the Gold Coast- can't wait to see what you find. Melxx ps might see you at work tomorrow as the kidlets and I are rocking GOMA.

Kylie said...

sounds like you've got the perfect Saturday coming up's always nice to have something to look forward to to help you get through the working week. Happy hunting, drive carefully x

Louise said...

I like the new sunday breckie blog post write so beautifully...your descriptions are so nice..I want to be there ..xo today was gorgeous up here too.

Lizeylou said...

Your breakfast sounds delcious ... now if only I lived anywhere near Brisbane - yummo!!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so stunning. x hivenn

*Spring Blossom* said...

Yummo that cafe sounds so yummy!! I'll have to check it out.

Being a Brissy girl myself I can't wait to read about(and then check out myself) all the great places you and your sister will eat at!!!!!

ps my sister and I went for a ride on Sunday arvo - I agree it was just a stunning day :)

Trudy said...

Looks gorgeous Lau. So glad you are having a lovely weekend. xx

Hannah said...

That cafe does sound amazing!! I will look forward to this regular post -such a great idea. I love Brisbane too, There are definitely lots of hidden beauties around!

The Beetle Shack said...

Hi! This is such a great idea, making me want to go to Brissie (I've never been!). I have just found your blog and am your latest follower! Beautiful living you've been doing- thanks for sharing

xo em

Vicki said...

sounds like an amazing day!! :) xo