June 5, 2011

my life without you...

i could never comprehend. you inspire and support me to be the person i strive to be. your beauty takes my breath away. i will forever be grateful for your friendship and look forward to where our lives will take us...never too far away from each other. this kind of love is the travelling kind.

i'm too excited to sleep. i am bursting with love. i've run out of words to describe how i feel about these women. i do hope however, that you too, are lucky enough to share this kind of love.

photography: my wonderfully talented sister. kate, you are incredible

props and fantastic vintage fabric: kit & nancy collection

beautiful girls: my own

scones: lemonade. recipe here

teacups: nanna's


Cupcake Couture said...

Such beatiful pictures! Lovely to have wonderful friends! x

Bayside Rose said...

Glad that you have your gorgeous girls around you. There is nothng like fabulous friends.

Stunning photos - the single shot of you Laura is particularly amazing.

Have a great week.

Pam x

Michelle said...

How absolutely gorgeous! Those photos are amazing! have a great week, Michelle x

Trudy said...

love you times infinity. xxx

Jennie said...

Wow - these are such stunning photos - love them!!!

Tea for Evie said...

gorgeous girls, gorgeous photos! scones look like they were a success, thanks for linking ♥

E R I N said...

awww gorgeous gals!
what a special photo shoot... you should print them off so they are real photos to stick on fridges etc. :)


Lea said...

awwwww this is fantastic! What a fun bunch, gorgeous pics and precious memories. Thanks for saying hello. Now I'll be off to nosey about your lovely blog.