June 4, 2011

painting pictures.

some pretty pictures i've taken over the last week. it's been one of those hectic weeks, lots of overtime at the gallery in the lead up to the new surrealism exhibition but i've managed to balance it out with plenty of bike riding to work (my new love), lots of cups of tea, gf date loaf, enjoying the incredible winter clouds and getting ready to rummage. simple but lovely things. it's late so i won't say much more but i hope you all have a beautiful sunday. if you can, pop by rummage for some bargain treats and a chat...would love to see you.

the tea enjoyed this week and my favourite teacup of nanna's.

teacups used in last week's photoshoot.

baby shower cuppies.

my gorgeous gallery from the kurilpa bridge. isn't it stunning?


Jayne said...

Wow, your gallery looks amazing! Must have an awesome view of the river. I love your teacups too- your nanna has good taste :)

Helen said...

Do you ever feel kind of weird having Tea for Sunday on a day that is not a Sunday?

Sometimes when I have it on other days I kind of feel like I'm cheating the tea by having it on a Tuesday. or maybe it's just me.

I do love how GOMA looks at night, it really is quite stunning.

Hannah said...

That teacup of your grandmother's is stunning! i love the rose inside of it.
Unfortunately I could not make it to the suitcase rummage today, It is my Dad's birthday -and I really don't have any money to spend anyway.
Hope it wasnt too cold in the sqaure!

p.s. you are so lucky to work at the gallery. I can't wait for the surrealism exhibition!

Trudy said...

That photo of the gallery is gorgeous Lau. xx