August 15, 2011

monday behaviour.

the day started with an early coffee and ended with a car full of treats and waffles in our bellies. kate and i headed south for a bit of treasure hunting and big spending behaviour today. kate with her new mac and me with armfuls of fabrics. after a few dollars spent at robina we headed to murwillumbah for some country wanderings. found some super cute oppies, some incredibly cheap, others embarrassingly expensive (talking to you salvos.) the afternoon was topped off with a beautiful burleigh sunset (enjoy mama!) and some max brenner behaviour. it's time for bed, if only every monday was like this. artwork is coming along nicely but still a lot to do. a busy week lies ahead so i'll love you and leave you and be back on the weekend. night!

50c johnson dinner plate love. (found 5!)

pretty floral sheets and pillowcases.

more sheets and the cutest little bubba knit.

boy fabrics...finally!

autumn tones and lavender love.

my favourite floral of the day and some pink cloud behaviour. love.

burleigh clouds.

floral tablecloth and gc lovin'.

gorgeous sri lankan vase and waffle/chai evidence.


VintageSweetheart said...

I'm always jealous of your beautiful sheet finds! It is super rare to find any in the oppies I visit.

E :)

Katyha said...

what a perfect day...if only I could have a few of those days but uni is calling me morning, noon & night..I can never rest from it not even in my sleep.

I'd love to know what you do with all those vintage sheets. I have found just one and still wondering what to do with it, it seems an awful shame to rip it up and use another way like is it sacrilege haha.

Please do come & say hello at my blog one day when you have a spare moment :)

Vic Bibby said...

You always sound like you have the most idyllic days filled with shopping, cafes, friends and art - lucky girl. xxx

HammBone said...

I would of bought them all too. one can never have too vintage sheets or floral plates! Those boys sheets are great...harder to find too. Reminds me of my brothers sheets when we were kids.

Nelly said...

Those plates are lovely.I dunno whats with Salvos way greedy methinks and Endeavour is crazy priced here too

DuckEggBlue said...

Beautiful colours and patterns. Boy sheets, I am looking for some vintage boy sheets to make the man and boy some Pjs, they are so hard to come by. Your day sounds so good.

Tea for Evie said...

sounds like the perfect day! loving the lavendar floral - devine! x

Trace said...

nothing like a country oppie!

Bungalowgirl said...

You always find the most wonderful stashes of vintage sheets and fabrics, it's a real gift. Nothing better than a regional town oppie I reckon, must start planning some day trips.

Zara said...

You sure have found some great little treasures.
Yay for Johnson plates...beautiful. x

Florence said...

johnson plates...? new to me (just shows how much i know!!), but i find them very pretty, i can really see why you'd be so pleased with them. great floral sheets and all these fabrics are pretty cool. well done!

Riel Nason said...

Beautiful sheets. I love pretty florals. I also buy vintage sheets whenever I can. Love the nostalgic goodness.

Madison said...

OMG! You got yourself a haul. I love the pretty sheets and those plates are gorgeous. Well done.

Madison xxx