October 25, 2011

there's a land that I heard of...

i'm still reminiscing about the best holiday ever. looking through photos brought back all the amazing memories that my most favourite people and i shared for those incredible 7 days. we all know what a winning combination my sister and her camera are, so i'm sharing a few here. it had been 11 months since we last saw our parents and it only took us a few minutes to get back into the mitchell swing of things and get our maui on. days didn't rush by, small moments, rainbows, chats and afternoon naps were enjoyed and cherished. if you hadn't noticed, my family are beyond amazing, and without them, i'd be nothing. i left a piece of my heart in hawaii, somewhere over the rainbow.

flying into maui and 'our view'.

they've arrived!!!!

my incredible dad and an incredible sunset.

mama and her birthday fanfare.

complete with hummingbird bunting!

my favourite hula girl.

peach on the beach.

she's beautiful.

two peas in a pod. x


in her element.

oh hi guys!

juraassic parrrrk.


dad and his girls.

rainbows everywhere.

mother nature pulled out all the stops.

one of our last dinner views. a piece of my heart resides here.


Bungalowgirl said...

What a pair of babes you are! Gorgeous photos, I can almost smell the see looking at them. melx

naughtyshorts! said...

It looks so amazing. Glad you had such a wonderful time over there. Any flirtatious moments with spunky surfer boys miss?? Sounds like the best fun! tee hee!

kacey said...

these pictures are very modern family. love them all.

Bayside Rose said...

I can see why a piece of your heart is elsewhere. Lovely photos, lovely family. x

green tea and red nails said...

these are gorgeous! i love holidays that steal a part of your heart... but it makes it might hard to come home!

are you rummaging in november? i feel like the answer is no but i wanted to double check anyway! haha!


Hello Vintage said...

Love the photos, makes me want to go there too! Sherry :)

morgan said...

Your mum and dad are the cutest! And I want know where you got your AMAZING peach beach hat because as a fellow palesy I'm in desperate need of a decent beach hate this summer!! Miss your face xxx

Laura (White Winters) said...

It looks and sounds like it was a wonderful holiday! I would love to go to Hawaii.