December 26, 2011

christmas day.

the day started with belgian waffles for breakfast and ended with a big bowl of trifle watching jurassic park in our pjs. i was a little apprehensive about how the day would unfold, but i can honestly say it was one of the nicest days i've ever spent with my sister. we pottered in the kitchen cutting up veges and baking yorkshire puddings, drinking delicious cider and laughing uncontrollably at dinner whilst wearing paper hats and eating far more than our bellies could handle. after a bit of present opening we thought the smartest thing to do before dessert would be to take our bikes out for a spin. with all the kids out in the street with their new toys, we didn't want to feel left out. the weather was beautiful, warm as always in december but the humidity held back and so did the rain. this made for a perfect christmas sunday with my partner in crime. there's a lot of change and a month or so of a nomadic lifestyle ahead for me so it was lovely to cook my last big meal in the flower house and to spend time exploring my neighbourhood. thank you bertie, for making christmas memories that i know we'll tell our children about. your potatoes kicked ass and your friendship, one in a million.

thanks mr brenner for a tasty breakfast.


the meal i've waited all year for.

the british girl in me squeals at the sight, everytime.

sunny early evening biking behaviour.

pink lady.

moustache cookie cutters! my favourite present.

i'm still working on it.


Kylie said...

Awesome cookie cutters Laura.
I could dive into that bowl of trifle...we didn't have it for pudding this year and I do love a good trifle...
Glad you had such a heavenly day with your Sis x

Kate said...

It sounds utterly perfect.
Kind of made me a bit melancholy too.
My sisters are scattered all over the place and its been far too long since we last played together.
I hope your gypsy month is such a happy one. x

Zara said...

Glad you had a lovely day.
The Chrissy lunch looks delicious.and do I spy an engraved fork?

Katyha said...

oh how wonderful! sounds like the most perfect kind of day. And that trifle looks super scrumptious ;)

Sophie Isobel said...

Everything looks so beautiful! You should have popped in to see my mum on Christmas Day, she needed a few extras at the table :)
I have a little something for you! Can you email me your address please :)
Soph xx

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

what a lovely simple Christmas :) the afternoon bike ride sounds wonderful!

Hello Vintage said...

Ohh, that last pic looks soooo yummy. Glad you had a great Christmas!

Jayne said...

That trifle is just epic! I'm totally drooling :P And I love the moustache cookie cutters, I think I saw Frankie advertising them and I was like 'ahhh how adorable!' Glad you had a great day ;)

CanineThespian said...

Yorkshire pudding in a pink pyrex bowl. Heaven!

Cherie @ 'a baby called Max' said...

You & your sister have such a beautiful relationship :)

I also have a sister, & it's one of the most amazing relationships a woman can have in her life :)

Mine is in scotland at the moment. How I miss her so :)

A beautiful post xx

ingrid said...

Happy New Year! I think a to-do list is a fabulous - much nicer than a resolution.