March 18, 2012


This weekend began a little differently to the last…due to the fact that on Friday afternoon my mum and dad flew in from San Francisco! A fly in fly out visit lasting just over a week that would allow me to top up on mum hugs and renew life chat sessions with dad. I really don’t know how we get by each week without a visit to see them for a quick cuppa or bbq dinner, not forgetting the puppy cuddles that we used to have on tap but now only dream about. Our family reunions make our love so much stronger and although I miss them dearly I know in the future they’ll be back in our lives even more involved than ever. I have plans of renovating a caravan with dad’s help, having mum help serve and design my baked treats from said caravan (can’t wait for her to model my vintage apron collection!) and of course not forgetting the obligatory babysitting sessions they’ll be subjected to when I finally settle down and have babies. It’s weird talking about a time so far from now (and babies!) but it keeps me going when we are physically so far apart. We have spent some quality time this weekend just catching up, sharing my new (and old) dreams and how it will all bring us back together. Drinking cups of tea & enjoying sweet treats, indulging in pints of cider and eating at some of our favourite places in town. On Wednesday we meet up with family friends on the coast and pay a visit to a couple of my favourite oppies (at their request of course). This weekend has been a little quiet finds wise but I’m so topped up with family love I haven’t even wanted to venture out. I swear I can hear a strawberry & lime cider calling my name so I’ll love you and leave you and be back during the week with some recipes and perhaps some Wednesday finds. Hope your weekend has been just as lovely and you’ve been spending time with some of your favourites.

sunday lunch at apples.

apple's table decorations.

beautiful coffee.

trying on vintage aprons.

afternoon tea on the balcony with mama.

inspired to get back into my baking again.

still decorating the new place with favourite treasures.

unearthing old favourites ready for winter tea parties.

and finally hanging some melbourne finds.


Trudy Florence said...

Oh so lovely! Enjoy every minute my love. xx

Hannah, Lost in wishful thinking said...

There is a table and two chairs like the ones you are sitting on at the cafe in my garden! They are fairly unloved though since we have no suitable place to put them.

lady liquor vintage. said...

Your home looks so lovely! I love the print on that apron, too.. XO.

melania said...

Naw this post just makes me want to run and hug my beloved family!


Zane said...

beautiful bits and pieces

naughty shorts! said...

So glad you git to top up on mum cuddles, I have two sleeps till I see mine :)

Zara said...

Lucky girl.
My gosh selling all your lovely baked goodies from a sweet old caravan, you'll have the crowds lined up I'm sure. Such a wonderful plan. x

Bungalowgirl said...

Oh enjoy every minute your family are here Laura. Love the little snippets from your house and that vintage apron- I have been wearing mine all the time lately. melx

polkadotpeticoat said...

What fun you had....enjoy your time with them!

hong kong property said...

the images are really great!

florence said...

i love the way you have displayed the 2 picture frames and the plate on the wall. looks gorgeous. enjoy your parents (if they are still there) xx

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it's been a fun-packed week made all the more special for having your parents there with you :)
Am loving the sound of your future dreams, here's to them coming to fruition.