April 25, 2012

twelve cups a day.

hello winter! i've got the trackie pants on, i'm snuggled under the covers and i boiled the kettle like a half hour ago but am too fond of this warmth to let it go just yet. here i was wishing for some cooler weather and oh boy do we have it. i secretly love it and i cannot wait to stock up on tights in pretty colours and drink 12 cups of tea a day without sweating into it. i always think about my nan when i make a cup of tea so in the winter months, that's like 50 times a day. she's a pretty special lady and someone i'll be seeing in less than 2 months. i'm returning to my other 'home' for a few weeks soon and i'm getting more and more excited by the minute. excited to hug my nan, show her my blog and tell her just how much she inspires me (she's the one and only kit!). excited to spend time with my best friend in london, talk into the night about boys, opshopping and sex (you know, the important stuff), search for the perfect cupcake, have her watch me go crazy with instagram and wander my favourite art galleries with her. excited to visit my other beautiful girl in rotterdam, where she has made the most beautiful life for herself and her boy, inspiring me daily. we will wander second hand markets together, drink copious amounts of tea and talk about art and future dreams. i will be reunited with my mum, dad and sister (amazing & crazy, i know!) and with my uncle, aunty, cousins and their babies. i will also drink copious amounts of tea with my nan and talk about charlie (her beautiful late husband and my grandfather). i will spend all my money buying vintage fabric in liberty/pop boutique and beyond retro and empty my overnight bag in paris of clothes to make room for flea market finds. i will wander arcades and eat croissants with my girls under the eiffel tower and stock up on as much vintage wallpaper as a woman who has only a few hours in copenhagen can carry. i will spend time with my most loved and i am more than ready for it. i am so grateful and i cannot wait to tell them to their faces just how thankful i am for having them in my life. today has been a day of remembrance but also a celebration of those that we hold dearly and that make our lives wonderful. thank you to the men and women who fought to make our lives as free and as beautiful as they are today. today and always, you are remembered. xo

ate this beauty this week and it was faaaaabulous.

had a gorgeous dinner with gorgeous company on monday.

found more johnson delights.

dreamt of marrying a guy that looks a little like this. also dreamt my gallery was on fire so i'm not counting my chickens.

eyeballed beautiful arm chairs upholstered in beautiful fabric.

getting my supplies ready for some toasted coconut chai making for the colder queensland nights. (recipe on the blog soon!)


Kylie said...

I love your new profile pic Miss Laura. You look gorgeous in your pretty apron.
Here's to happy travels and time spent with special people x

Rafinha said...

I want that recipe!! *_*

Trudy Florence said...

Love everything! So freaking excited for you - I'm taking you out for the best cocktails of your life missy! Love you!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post my dear, very special indeed. What a wonderful time you will have.

You're right the cool switch has been flicked, I'm snuggling in bed with my sleepy Little V.

Oh and yes I spotted the profile pic, you know I love it.

Much love.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh your lucky Nan, she'll be so thrilled. Happy tea drinking, love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh & did you see the moustache world championships on the news (in Germany i think) they were some impressive facial hair addicts, might find a husband there?? My husband has to grow a beard for work/ war & i don't really like it, hides his dimples, such a waste, love Posie

melynda said...

ahh! europe sounds amazing. very jealous!!

Vic Bibby said...

Stop it... I'm so jealous, that sounds like a dream trip! I'm with you on the cold weather front, I kinda like getting cosy, pulling my boots out again, and I already drink about 12 cups of tea a day! xxx

humble habit said...

You are lucky to have all this to look forward to, your plans of catch ups sounds wonderful let alone the galleries and flea markets. Looking at that armchair fabric had me instantly recognise it as a square pillow that I have, probably once belonging to an armchair just like the one you spied.

Bungalowgirl said...

What a beautifully written post. And all these travel plans for me to live vicariously through, bliss. melx