June 9, 2012

little princess.

when your 2 (and three quarters) year old best friend requests a pink princess cake for her 3rd princess party birthday, there is indeed only one answer. you bet your ass i'll bake you one baby! well, not quite how i responded, but i was more than eager to offer my baking services. a pink ombre/gluten free/two tiered birthday cake complete with disney princesses is what i'm talking about here. the pics below are a small insight into the building of a very special birthday cake for an even more special birthday girl. her mama is one of my gorgeous gallery girls who i have come to regard as one of my favourites. i don't see them as often as i should, with work and life getting in the way, but when we do hang out, it's like nothing has changed. my heart grows bigger for her as each month passes and to have such a little person show me as much love as she does, is completely humbling to me. our last discussion had us contemplating our favourite movies, in which she replied 'ummmm, sleeping beauty, but that's on the hard drive...we don't watch dvds anymore'. she already appears to be beyond her tiny 3 years and far more technology savy than i'll ever be. her cuddles are like snuggling warm marshmallows and her baby blonde curls and serious face pulling had me besotted from day one. i am so blessed to have her in my life and i only get more excited by the idea of what adventures await us. happy 3rd birthday beautiful sofia joan, may all of your wishes come true and here's hoping you'll still think i'm cool when you're 18. xx

let the fun begin.

late night cake assembling/glass slipper cookie icing.

my favourites.

the before shot.

beautiful treats and styling by one hot mama.

thank you for working out.

the after shot.

my mini bff complete with aunty lau's present and glass slipper.

someone had to do it.

taking time out. this much cuteness can take it's toll on a princess.

ps. the best part of today? being told 'thank you for coming to my party' by the birthday girl (and watching her smack the pinata...that was priceless!)
pps. my heart burst.
ppps. how will i ever cope when it's my own child?!


Trudy Florence said...

Oh way too cute Lau. The photo of all the little princesses together! And the last one! I always needed time out at my own birthdays, totally overwhelming. Such a gorgeous day to remember. xxx

Shelley said...

That looks deliciously good! Every three year olds dream!

naughty shorts! said...

Please please please can you make me a cake for my birthday!! One day! haha, lucky little miss. P.s - heart explosions galore when it is your own baby, along with brain aneurysms, temper tantrums, mental breakdowns.. you get the picture. xoxoxoxo

humble habit said...

She is one special little cookie having you as a friend, baking such an amazingly adorable cake!
Beautiful shots too, angelic and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Wow -That cake is amazing!

Linda said...

Gorgeous! cake looks so pretty, every little girls dream, a beautiful pink birthday cake :)

nadia said...

She is still on a post party high- or maybe that's all the pink food coloring still filtering out of her little body? You know we couldn't have done it without you. We're 2 very lucky girls!X

Anonymous said...

That is quite a sensational cake and would make any little girls heart sing :)

Anonymous said...

The cake WAS amazing...you're so clever for making this!!! And Sof was absolutely besotted with it! It was lovely to meet you at the party...Melanie