October 16, 2013


in honour of turning 30, my nearest and dearest friends joined forces to send the boy and i to the gorgeous city of gent. it was cold and it was magical. i unearthed wallpaper heaven, had the obligatory waffle, admired incredible medieval architecture and overindulged in the notorious belgian stew. we drank belgian bier in cosy pubs and wandered the charming streets which filled my instagram feed. we stayed at a delightful b&b in a cosy attic apartment which we called home for a few days. the famous priem wallpaper shop was at the top of my to-do list and delighted every one of my senses. i’d read some interesting reviews which just fed my curiousity. within 5 minutes of stepping inside, my heart was beating out of my chest and i'd been told off for touching the wallpaper. yes! i’d experienced the grumpy sister i’d read so much about. two rolls of wallpaper in arm (i could have bought 50) and i made my way to the register. at this time an elderly gentleman had arrived with a wallpaper delivery, rolls tied to the front of his bicycle. the shop was brimming with retro, floral, geometric, 80’s and animal print designs. one of the finest collections of printed paper that i‘ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.  followed by scones and tea the next day at julie’s house, a visit to the design museum and a serving of belgium’s famous fries, gent is a must see city.

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Wout said...

It was lovely.. <3