October 19, 2013


it's no surprise that i love paris. on my third time back, i really fell in love. helped happily along by my sister/photographer extraordinaire who now calls it home. i got to see what paris is like from a local's perspective and it was just delicious. we slept in everyday, baked, bought flowers from the local florist, ate almond croissants and hunted down some of paris' best kept secret eating places. we vintage shopped, wandered the endless alleys of les puces...oh boy was my inspiration was running on overdrive. the colourful street art, grand doors and historic arcades had me completely charmed. we wandered the streets in balmy temps, drank french wine accompanied by fine french cheese and  walked around the louvre and dahlia-packed tuilleries in our stretchy pants. i saw a more unpretentious version of paris this time around...no macarons or endless louvre queues but a crazy night drive around the arc de triomphe (i've never nervously laughed so hard), a mexican feast and a reunion with a gorgeous friend drinking cafĂ© au lait amongst the locals. parfait.


Katie said...

Seriously gorgeous! I love how you see Paris Lau. Come back soon! xo

Reanna Clark said...

Paris looks amazing! Lovely photos. So much food and exploring, and stretchy pants haha!
I am (hopefully) going to Europe and exchange next year, and Paris is definitely on my list to visit.