December 21, 2013


first day of winter. feeling as unaustralian as they come. LOVING the chilly air, the gezellig cafes, my new winter coat and boots, a cinnamon scented kitchen, thermal sheets, cups upon cups of tea, early morning frost and the promise of some new year snow. i've been embracing the dutch life with arms wide open. my job is going swimmingly, i'm feeling settled, loved and i'm busy building my own rotterdam network. the scariest decision of my life is proving to be the best i have ever made. hello winter, come on in. x

winter blue.


sleeping in.

strolling the city.

christmas tree gathering. the dutch way.

bauble love.

our tree. she's chubby and beautiful.

our new hang out. gezellig, vintage and delicous.

my partner in crime.

my other boy. chubby and gorgeous.

grey skies don't dampen this girl's day.

baking some spicy goodness.

i'm ready. come on christmas!

snuggly scarf weather. favourite. 


Sian said...

beautiful blue-grey pictures. happy christmas!

Lea said...

Beautiful snaps. Love the last one:) Merry Christmas!

sky-blu-pink said...

How are you doing with a cold Christmas rather than aa bikini one?!