November 28, 2009

6 things i love.

I've decided to start a weekly post that brings together a few of the beautiful things that i've come across during the week. Elsie from a beautiful mess has inspired me and is one of my latest favourite blogs. I can't wait till sunday and blogspot is too fussy for 10 images so i'm going to call mine '6 things i love weekend'. Enjoy!

1. best of both worlds...a pumpkin pie pup.

2. deer tattoo via we heart it.

3. bunting necklace found here.

4. i really don't know how my boyfriend puts up with me.

5. table displays never looked so good.

6. Someone's getting this for their birthday!


morgan said...

that cake i love that cake!!! we have to go see the movie too!! Also, where did you find that one about the emotional needs, cos i'm pretty sure i should get my hands on that one too <3 <3

Bel Johnstone said...

Sweet cake!

// E R I N said...

that necklace got me hunting.... have you seen her blog?! and her wedding?! AGHHHHH!!! thank you so much for sharing these cute things....

also love the laser cut... although a little sad that most people don't cut by hand these days.

Joshua Thompson said...

Great cake, poor dog.