December 6, 2009

watch and learn.

what i've been doing this week...

spending far too much on nara merchandise at the gallery store...this little angel and dvd, just a couple of things i couldn't leave without.

buying pretty plates to frame my cross stitch exhibition works that are underway.

watching nara at was the most incredible week watching one of my most favourite people creating an artwork just metres away from me...i love my job.

picking up a few gems at paddo antiques...this little cake decorating set...

& the rose needlepoint and retro autumn print cushions that i've been eyeing off for weeks.

Playing in nara's cubby house that is one of seventeen kids activities at GoMA right now...this is really what dreams are made of.


morgan said...

um did you buy all the nara merch?! cos i couldn't see any!!

Bel Johnstone said...

what an awesome week Laura! p.s can you follow me already! lol