December 6, 2009

6 things i love...

Wow, this week has really flown, it's sunday night already and i'm exhausted. Heading into a new week, these are the things that make me wanna get up and play.

image courtesy of epicute.

i know what i'm wrapping my gifts in, thanks to blafrebloggen.

i can never get enough of these paumes books.

could this be any more perfect? Found at avril loreti's etsy shop.

could be a necklace, could be a wallhanging...either way, it's perfect. Check out neawear's etsy shop.

paint by numbers ANNNND plaster owls, deliciousness overload, and something i'll play with (plaster) at my byron exhibition. Image courtesy of a beautiful mess.


morgan said...

i think we should make 6 things i love a regular occurance on all our blogs!

love the owls!!

Joshua Thompson said...

Love the kitchenaid bag!