December 19, 2009

6 things i love...

Not gonna lie. There are a million things going on over here at the moment so i apologise for the lack of promised art in progress photos. But know that it's happening and these 6 things i love are only aiding the 'getting my butt into gearness' that will eventually amount to my second solo exhibition in february. Watch this space, merry christmas and enjoy.

mc call's ad from the 50's, thanks for sharing elsie over at abeautifulmess.

i prefer this type of icecream..found over at abeautifulmess.

shiny plastic christmassy wreath..delightful, thanks thirty-eight 20 via design sponge.

nara and his team filming at goma, i watched from behind the van, i wasn't in the shot unfortunately. Ha.

beautiful porcelain doilies by kristen wicklund found via design sponge.
cutest thing of the week i'm gonna say. is responsible for this little bit of genius.

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Anonymous said...

I especially love the McCalls ad and the yarn-cones. <3