December 28, 2009

6 things i love.

the current exhibition at tate modern...i would give away A LOT of cakes to get over there and see that one.

russian doll measuring cups...a cute little christmas pressie i got from a gorgeous girly.

cute as a button card by present&correct via ohjoy. I want many.

a christmas present from santa...can't believe i held off so long without this delicious book.

I don't wear much jewellery but i love this..a flora bond creation via vintageindie.tyepad

agnes' creations via scoutie girl...i'll try and locate her flickr account, her work is just incredible.


Trudy said...

love them all. and you.

Anonymous said...

They're so lovely! I especially love the button card and the Matroyshka measuring cups. Delightful! <3

Designvam said...

- share creative and optimistic mindset took her! Great pictures, I love those things!)