May 27, 2010

in the news.

i got a call today from isobel, one of the girls who started suitcase rummage. I've been asked to take part in a photoshoot for city news with 3 or so other rummagers. I'm very excited as i believe this rummage will be the best so far and i have so many delightful treats for sale. You'll be seeing two (both with satin interiors) of the three suitcases i have planned for displaying on the 6th. Looking forward to seeing many of you there. Much rummage love. (suitcase from natural home's etsy)


melissa said...

OOOhh! Wish I could come!

E R I N said...

woo hoo!

your the rummage cover girl!!

Me said...

I'll be in Brisbane that day - so will be sure to drop by for a visit! Good Luck!