May 30, 2010

weekend finds...

a gorgeous rose tapestry (detail)..totally keeping this.

staffordshire potteries awesomeness...i'm keeping two and rummaging the other 2.

this cute little tudor's the english in me that made me buy it.

gorgeous rose stains and going into rummage.

delicious needlepoint cushion.

some delightful little saucers..bold and beautiful designs.

i love these bamboo platters...the deer got me.

the rose needlepoint at home in my bookshelf.

i had a small bob ross flashback with this little beauty. if i doesn't sell at rummage, i'm keeping it.


Bayside Moments said...

I love your weekend finds. I would keep the rose tapestry as well and maybe the Tudor house longstitch and the tablecloth....hopeless I am!!!

Allana said...

Great finds!! I so wish I lived close by so I could come to your rummage!! I have been rescuing tapestries lately and started an accidental collection of those bamboo plates after finding a California one and then a set of 6 Australia ones :)
Love your blog!! :)

Me said...

i think my favourite have to be the cups... well done on all of them though!!