July 12, 2010

flickr favourites.

secret cake.

yvette inufio.

fine little day.

nikole herriott.

loverbird. (this is my family pup)


sarita lolita.


emma lyn sullivan. (i stand and admire my bed with it's vintage sheets every morning because of this photo)


fine little day.

kristena derrick.

flora baker.

i thought it time to share some of my favourite flickr images. it's been a mundane monday so seeing these pics makes me very inspired indeed. i haven't stopped thinking about a certain pea green recliner i saw on the weekend so a couple of images are an ode to it. i hope to grab it soon to play friends with my burgundy (salvos found) egg chair. photos soon. here's to a better day tomorrow. have a good week all and i'll be over to visit soon.


secret cake said...

What a great collection of favourites! Looks like you found some wonderful treasures over the weekend.

Minnie Nitrate said...

Um. Is that an edible mustache ON A STICK? They are my 3 favourite things. I must have it.