July 13, 2010

pulling my head in.

my new pea green recliner. love. it. (worth the drive and trying to fit it in the getz...ended up having to tie the boot down!)

large tablecloth. (rummage)

floral sheet (rummage)

large floral tablecloth (rummage)

yellow rose tablecloth (rummage)

owl latch hook (rummage)

rose doilies (rummage)

delicious doilies. (for me)

trio of embroidered doilies.

so i've come to the realisation that all this opping has to stop, at least for a while. I have a US trip to fund in september and my savings aren't getting any bigger. I keep reminding myself that there are plenty of treats over there and to just pull my head in for a while as i'm going to see many lovely things that i'll want. this is my last little indulgence for now. any other pics i post will be from my own collection! ok, you better hold me to this so go spoil yourselves on my behalf. Also, i have rummage on the 8th and there are SO MANY treats ready to go. i think i'll go price and pack them, that should hold me off for at least a week.


melania said...

I so know what you mean! we are going to the US/canada in only 4 weeks....!!! can't wait to be on our roadtrip there, treasure hunting for goodies. So I'm with you...no more for now!

sylviesgarden said...

I don't know how you do it! You always seem to find the most amazing stuff!

Jennie said...

You always find excellent florals!

You must be looking forward to investigating the oppies over there! Will be interesting to see how they differ!x

Little Ted Canvas said...

All gorgeous, that recliner is amazing!

Trudy said...

nice work Lau! Can't wait to sit in that green baby. I'm with you on the savings bit. At least for the next 3 weeks!

Louise said...

Hi Laura...I think you will love the op shops in the US...if they are anything like Canada. I haven't found many nice old fabric anythings but other stuff is here in abundance...I love the pink tablecloth...might ask Trudes to buy it for me if poss....xxoo

Sarah-Jayne said...

You forgot to mention the beauty you bought (for someone else) only recently.

I love it, it's sitting proudly on window sill, now I just need some ridiculously flamboyant flowers to put in it!


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Lovely lovely stuff. I'm salivating with excitement! (sorry!!). I, too, am off a trip to the US shortly and can't wait to go shopping in thrift stores woo hoo!

Love your blog, I'll be back!!

REread said...

tiny cars and craft ladies ... I know your pain! have a wee swift and the market table only just fits in with a push and a shove!

Paper Tree Design said...

I always love your finds, but I agree - I think you should save for the U.S. and curb your spending here unless you see something really fab!! Just keep thinking about those op shops abroad .... what an adventure! Have a great weekend. Michelle