August 19, 2010

lemon meringue.

when life gives you lemons...make a lemon meringue pie! it's hardly cry worthy but i've just found out that i owe mr tax man. this is all thanks to my lovely creative arts degree i finished a few years ago. ho hum..let's move on, deal with that later and get excited about a few yellow treats i've come across today.

i've been meaning to make one of these bad boys for agggges now. a quick search on google brought me to this! let's get baking.

lemon beauties from paulette in san fran. this is going to be one of the most delicious days of my life..cannot wait to take pics to show you all!

my best friends and i have decided that this summer = vintage bikes for picnics and riding to each other's houses. wow, how 'now and then' of us i know..but seriously..makes me look forward to this crazy summer we're expecting. (ps. i'm not a summer girl, the bike will help me be more positive about it) haha.

coloured retro glass..need i say more? oh, and that it's yellow. yum.

moroccan teapots and tea...yuuuuuuum! look at those treats..the colours..the light. my bestie and i have also decided we'll probably do turkey on our paris/london trip next year. how obvious is it that we've both had pretty crappy days..this means lots of travel talk and flight booking!

totally making some of these for the garden in summer. i plan to have many teaparties outside on my verandah. i'm going to embrace summer with open iced tea drinking, lemon meringue pie baking arms.

what are your plans?

image 1 -
image 2 - paulette macarons
image 3- anna claire voller's lovely bike
image 4- jwhite2 on etsy
image 5- lobster and swan blog
image 6- oh happy day blog


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh my! you got me sold on the lemons... am working up the courage to do the meringue thingy.... excited too. but your pie looks, er, YUMMY!

Flotsam Friends said...

Great shots and colours. Really love the moroccan teapot, tea and sweets shots.. And the dress. Stunning. Pruxxx

Paper Tree Design said...

Hey Laura, sorry to hear about your tax debt ... bummer!! Anyway, bring on summer I say - altho' the weather has been so nice here lately I'm not really looking forward to those horrible hot days we get. The idea of riding to your friends houses sounds wonderful - I can just see you riding with cupcakes and lemon meringues in your basket!! Love the retro image too (of coarse)! Hope you have a great weekend. Michelle

PJ said...

I recently bought a vintage-look bike and took it for its first real ride the other day - I totally wanted to put my ipod on loud speaker ala Now and Then ... 'knock three times on the the ceiling if you want me ...'
what a classic!

Anonymous said...

Oh man it's gonna be awesome. Summer all year round!! SJ xx

Raphaƫl said...

looks terrific!

Allana said...

that stinks about your tax bill but LOVE the sunshiney yellows!! Must make some lemon meringue pie, and I think I'll make my next lot of vintage fabric bunting flag shaped. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Trudy said...

oh no! not tax!! rode a bike around Laos and totally felt like I was in Now and Then. Considering the fact I may be carless for 6 months so a bike is a must! can't wait to see you!

zigsma said...

Well hey - I've been drawn to yellow these last few days and have taken a few shots with the intention of doing a 'yellow' post too! I think it may have something to do with the imminence of spring? The scent of wattle is in the air. And I have a green lolly jar very similar. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey, i just found your blog! I'm practically in love with your yellow bicycle, I've been looking around for one simialr, when I came across your blog. I would love to know where you bought it, please post soon! thank you, your blog makes me smile:)