August 23, 2010

weekend finds.

voting...finding a new oppie right by my house...afternoon on the coast..having a wander...picking up a bag of fabrics i won on ebay (see photos)...a toffee choc frappuccino from max brenner's. a lovely saturday. only hit a couple of my favs...rspca and the guild will have to wait till i get back. hope your weekend was as lovely.

l&g meakin. love at first sight. found three of these.

baby doilies...too cute.

deer doily.


rose towel.

upholstery fabric. (ebay)

paisley double fitted sheet.

pillowcase. (ebay)

large tablecloth. (ebay)


rose bed sheet. (ebay)

childhood memories with this one. snagged a single valance, two sheets and two pillowcases. (ebay)

yummy barkcloth.

2 single bed sheets.

gorgeous large english fruit bowl.

love the detail.

house tapestry.

the cutest engagement invitations. no marriage planned though!


sylviesgarden said...

Love the Meakin! I am always on the lookout for anything made by them, yesterday I found a coffee pot, cake stand, platter and some side plates! It was a good day for Meakin.
I will try to post them on the blog soon.
Take care x

PJ said...

omigod - LOVE those invitations. Jealous much!

Anonymous said...

Those finds are more beautiful than you described Lau.

Such an op shop tart, LOVE IT.

Will be frequenting this Buranda oppy on Saturday, hung over or not.

Thanks for my treat last night, you're the best. S xx

Estelle said...

looks like the hunting was good. I love the paisley fitted sheet and those invitations are very cute.

moose and bird said...

I've said it once and I'll say it are the queen of op-shopping! All of those finds in one day....what a great day you must have had. I hope you have a nice holiday in the US. Can't wait to hear about your travels and finds when you return. x

Paper Tree Design said...

Laura, you always find the best things!! When do I get to tag along?! Love all your retro linens. I must be going to the wrong places ... or are you just there before me? Have a great week. Michelle

laura said...

thank you beautiful ladies. a few of those fabrics were in the ebay picked up on saturday but not found whilst opping. michelle, i'd love to go opping with you..let's grab jenn and make a day of it. melinda, you're too cute and your new bunting is delicious! will be posting my US finds whilst i'm over there, my gorgeous mama has already found a few that i reckon we'll hit the first day i'm there. have a great week ladies. xx

Flotsam Friends said...

That to me too sounds like the perfect weekend. Oh man, you scored some great things!! You have a brilliant eye. I just love ALL the fabrics. Things were made to last back then weren't they and how do people part with this stuff??!! That Engagement card is divine. Would love to see the fabrics you won on E-Bay too... Pruxxx

zigsma said...

Wow - the first pillowcase - I was back in my grandmother's house. Such a strange feeling. Thanks. Love your blog!

rachel! said...

ohhmygoodness. you acquired this all in one weekend? i am amazed & jealous. awesomeee!

Lucy said...

I am sooo very jealous of the Meakin cup and saucer! Too cute -I want it!! Happy op-shopping! Lucy x

Thea said...

I was going to also comment on how you always find the best textiles! Definitely a talent.

Erica Louise said...

I am drooling over those fabrics, oh my gosh! and the little baby doilys are so delicate and lovely, what a great week you had!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i so love the detailed pictures you are always giving us. always a little bit of vintage traveling. you thrift good, girl!

Catherine said...

so impressed by your finds... you have a great eye for fabrics!

Cherie said...

Oh beautiful finds - well done and hope you have a lovely week.

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Hola Laura, great treasures from Ebay!!! have loved all the fabrics.
I have just joined flea market finds.
Greetings from Chile,
maria cecilia